Empower innovators to grow the future of food.

We invest in growing startups that shape tomorrow’s food ecosystem.

What we believe in

Innovative Food & Ingredients

We believe in new sources of nutrition that will sustainably feed our world.

Production & Supply Chain

We believe in increased efficiency and sustainable change through digitalisation within the retail sector.

Food Delivery

We believe in future trends to increase convenience of shopping wherever and whenever.

Retail & Gastro Tech

We believe in digitalisation that serves the retail / gastro sector and its customers most efficiently.

Packaging & Waste

We believe in innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

What we are looking for



Ticket Size

EUR 2-10m




Europe, Israel, North America

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About Be8 Ventures


We are ready to invest in innovative companies who already have a proven business model.


We have knowledge along the entire food and beverage value chain through some of the most experienced experts within the industry.


We are passionate about food and put our focus on the future of the ecosystem.

Expertise within the Be8 network

Supply Chain


Daniel Andersen Photo

Lisa Bollesen

Investment Team

Lisa is an Investment Analyst at Be8 Ventures and joined in 2019. Besides several stations in M&A, Restructuring and Private Equity, she has experienced the ups and downs of an early stage startup as one of its first employees.

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Jacob Stefensen Photo

Lena Brüggen

Investment Team

Lena is an Investment Manager at Be8 Ventures. Before joining early 2020, Lena gained experiences in the consulting and investment space, where she advised international corporate and private equity clients.

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Angela Laurson Photo

Stefan Peters

Investment Team

Stefan is Managing Director of Be8 Ventures and a driving force behind its creation. He has more than 20 years of investment and finance management experience in venture capital and corporate M&A.

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Trusted network partners

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What is the investment focus?

We invest in growing companies that shape tomorrow’s food ecosystem located in Europe, Israel and North America.
We believe in strong innovative teams, which already have a proven business model and are able to show traction.

What are you looking for in a company?

Are you a complementary team? Do you have defendable IP? How big is your addressable market? Have you already achieved a proof-of-concept and are you in the scaling phase? Are you operating anywhere along the food supply chain?
If all of those criteria are met, you're probably in our investment sweetspot and we'd be keen to support your growth path.

What's your ticket size?

Our sweetspot for an initial investment ranges from EUR 2m up to EUR 10m with enough reserves to accompany you in follow-on rounds.
The ticket size range is not set in stone and we are flexible enough for individual investment opportunities.

What is your preferred shareholding requirement?

As every investment opportunity will be evaluated individually, shares might differ. Generally, we prefer to secure a share of 5-10% with our initial investment. Additionally, we offer flexiblity on taking the lead or undertaking co-investments.

How do I get in touch?

We highly value introductions from our network and always give priority to investment opportunities we receive through a referral. Nevertheless, in case you want to contact us directly, feel free to do so. Just keep in mind that we encourage every startup to think about why we are compatible before reaching out to us. Have a look at our investment focus to be sure that there is a fit between us.

Which documents should I send?

To understand you and your company best, please share information that enables us to gain an initial understanding of your business. Preferably, you would send us the following documents:

• Pitch deck (problem / solution fit, market size, business model, KPIs, etc.)
• Short summary on the cap table structure
• A framework of the intended financing (timing, volume, valuation)

What do you offer beyond money?

We have highly experienced experts in the food and beverage industry as well as a large network of funds, which we are happy to share with you to support your business growing.

Where are you based?

You can find us in Berlin. Get more details on our contact page.

Who is the investor behind Be8 Ventures?

Be8 Ventures is funded by the Oetker Group.

How can I become part of the team?

To become a part of our team please check out our careers page.


Join our team and be part of the change! Please check LinkedIn for more details.